Yuri Kurosu (黒須ゆり Kurosu Yuri?)
Voiced by: Noriko Namiki (Japanese), Carli Mosier (English)
Yuri is the school's #1 idol as the student council president, but she gets some unwelcome competition when Ayumi transfers in. She met Haruo when she was a little girl, and instantly fell in love. She even made a bento for Haruo, only to be thwarted by Maika. Her hair changes colour (black to blue/silver) when she uses her battle magic, and instead of a broom/wand she has a large sword she rides like a surfboard. Yuri is still in love with Haruo, and is constantly having indecent dreams about him, and gets irrationally angry when Ayumi is with him. As an excuse to see him she often says that Ayumi's behaviour is "Against School Policy" and as the Student President she must see that all rules are followed.Her name yuri is actually a pun on the genre as many of the females girls have the hots for her including the vice president. Hajime even came up with a fantasy fetish that involved her and Ayumi about to kiss. She as also subdued when Ayumi flashed her "Cursed panties." Which turned her unbridled rage toward her to become lust temporarily. In one episode she quotes Wayne Brady's famous phrase from the Chapelle show saying "That Yuri was gonna have to choke a bitch." (Please note that this is in the English Dub version only)
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